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FINANCIAL SERVICES FOR You and your family

Getting to know you and your family.

At Familia Wealth, we believe that money is a means to an end, not an end in itself. That’s why we want to get to know you and your family as people, not just as numbers. We want to understand what matters to you, what drives you, and what makes you happy.

We know that money can be a source of joy or stress, depending on how you manage it and how you align it with your values and goals. We also know that money can affect your relationships, especially with your spouse, partner, or significant other.

That’s why we use a holistic approach to help you achieve financial peace of mind. We don’t just look at your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. We also look at your money personality, your values and character strengths, and your life stages.

These are the three key elements that shape your financial behaviour and decisions. By understanding them, we can help you create a personalised financial plan that suits your needs, preferences, and aspirations

Here’s how we do it:

Money Personality

Your money personality is the way you think, feel, and act around money. It influences how you earn, spend, save, invest, and give money. It also affects how you communicate and negotiate about money with others.

Your money personality is shaped by many factors, such as your upbringing, education, culture, experiences, beliefs, and emotions. It can also change over time as you face different situations and challenges.

There are nine different money personalities, according to Dr Kathleen Gurney’s MoneyMax® survey. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks. By taking the survey, you can discover your dominant money personality and learn how to leverage it for your benefit.

You can also find out your spouse’s or partner’s money personality and learn how to communicate and collaborate better with them about money matters. This can help you avoid conflicts, build trust, and achieve harmony in your relationship.

Values & Character Strengths

Your values are the principles that guide your life choices and actions. They reflect what is important to you and what gives meaning to your life. Your values can be influenced by your family, culture, religion, education, or personal experiences.

Your character strengths are the positive traits that define who you are as a person. They are the qualities that make you unique and valuable. They are also the skills that help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Your values and character strengths are the foundation of your financial well-being. They help you set your financial goals and priorities. They also motivate you to pursue them with passion and perseverance.

To help you identify your values and character strengths, we use the Values In Action (VIA) survey, a scientifically validated tool that measures 24 universal character strengths. By taking the survey, you can discover your top strengths and learn how to use them to enhance your life.

You can also compare your results with your spouse’s or partner’s and learn how to appreciate and support each other’s strengths. This can help you strengthen your relationship and work together as a team.

By knowing your values and character strengths, we can help you create a financial plan that aligns with them. We can also help you use them to overcome any obstacles or setbacks that may arise along the way.

Life Stages

Your life stages are the different phases of your life journey. They are marked by significant events or changes that affect your personal and financial situation. Some examples of life stages are getting married, having children, buying a home, starting a business, retiring, etc.

Each life stage comes with its own opportunities and challenges. It also requires different financial strategies and solutions. For example, when you are young and single, you may want to focus on saving for a home deposit or investing for growth. When you are older and retired, you may want to focus on generating income or preserving capital.

By understanding your current life stage and anticipating your future ones, we can help you prepare for them financially. We can also help you adjust your financial plan as needed when you transition from one life stage to another.

We hope this gives you an overview of how we get to know you and your family at Familia Wealth. We look forward to working with you on creating a financial plan that reflects who you are and where you want to go in life.